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Neighbourhood Plan

Bersted Neighbourhood Development Plan (BNDP)

The councillors of Bersted PC want to know what YOU think the key challenges are for you, as a resident and as part of the Bersted community, and where the Council should focus its resources. The council represents you but without input from the young, the old, the fit and the less fit, local business and shop keepers, residents and THE COMMUNITY as a whole, the Neighbourhood Plan will not succeed.


What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

This is a document prepared either by or on behalf of a Parish or Town Council which reflects the views of local residents.

Have we had an NDP before?

No, the Localism Act of 2011 made provision for such plans to be prepared.

Does Bersted Parish Council have to prepare a plan?

No, it is a right not an obligation.  Bersted PC has chosen to prepare a plan for our neighbourhood so that local views can be best represented.

What is Arun District Council’s involvement in the plan?

Arun DC prepares a Local Plan for the whole district.  Our Neighbourhood Plan must conform to their plan and policies.  Arun DC is currently in the process of preparing a new LP to replace the existing 2003 version.

How long does the plan last?

The NDPs will cover a period of 15 years from the date they are accepted by the Community.

Who is preparing an NDP?

Parish and Town Councils all over the country are preparing their own plans.  Many of the nearby Parishes and Towns are in the process of preparing their own plans.

Who will decide if the NDP is acceptable?

Once it has been finalized, there is a statutory period of 6 months for consultation and examination by an independent body who will ensure that it does conform to the Arun LP.  Then there will be a referendum for the local residents to decide.

What happens at the referendum?

There will be a simple vote to either accept or reject the NDP.

What happens if the vote is ‘yes’?

The NDP has legal standing and must be consulted every time planning decisions are made.

What if the vote is ‘no’?

Bersted will not necessarily gain any benefit from development or protection from undesirable developments.

So, what should I do?

The key is to become involved as early as possible to ensure that your views are included and so that you feel comfortable voting ‘yes’.

Please email any comments or if you would like to be a part of shaping the future for Bersted to BerstedNDP@gmail.com

Your views on what you would like to see included in the Neighbourhood Plan are needed to help shape the future of Bersted. Councillors and Members of the Neighbourhood Plan group will be here to answer any questions you may have.

There will be public meetings and these will be advertised here and around the Parish, so please look out for them.

Reports from Steering Group Meetings can be viewed below:-

July report of the Steering Group [doc] 56KB                                     August report of the Steering Group [doc] 54KB

September 3rd report of the Steering Group [pdf] 90KB


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