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Finance & General Purposes Committee

The role of the Finance & General Purposes Committee is to monitor expenditure and income, advise the council and its committees on the financial implications of its policies and budgetary proposals from committees and ensures that an adequate system of internal audit of the council's records and control systems is maintained as required by the Accounts and Audit Regulations. It also proposes the council's annual precept and agrees grants to organisations working for the community of Bersted.

The Committee has responsibility for all matters relating to land and buildings owned or managed by the Council, including:

  1. Bersted Jubilee Hall and associated buildings, Jubilee Playing Fields, the Toddler Playpark, Jungle Climber and all outdoor equipment, the parish car park and access road, and the Spinney in North Bersted Street, as well as tools and equipment used in the maintenance of its amenities and properties
  2. To set rents and fees for persons or groups using the facilities provided by the Parish Council;

The committee meet seven times a year at the Community Centre, Chalcraft Lane, North Bersted. Members of the public are welcome to attend.


Members of the committee are; Cllrs   K. Greenway ,  D. Lainchbury (Committee Chairman),  J. Spencer,  A. Van Koolbergen and P. Wells

Minutes for Meetings 2023 -2024

23 May Minutes 30 January
27 June 23 April
26 September  
28 November  

Dates for Committee Meetings 2022 - 2023

2022 2023

24 May Minutes   Income & Expenditure Finance 

Investment Strategy May 22

24 January Minutes    Income & Expenditure   Reserves  Hall Hire proposed changes
28 June Minutes 25 April  income & expenditure  Reserves 23-24  Final Internal Audit Report 2023
27 September Minutes 23 May

22 November Minutes  Reserves  Income & Expenditure   Memo

23-24 Budget A 9.40  23-24 Budget A at 9.93


Dates for Committee Meetings 2021 - 2022

2021 2022

22 JUNE Minutes 

25 JANUARY Minutes        Income & Expenditure 

28 SEPTEMBER Minutes   Income & Expenditure

26 APRIL Minutes   Income & Expenediture

23 NOVEMBER Minutes  Income & Expenditure  Reserves 

24 MAY




Dates for Committee Meetings 2020 - 2021

2020 2021

26 May - no meeting held

26 January Virtual Minutes

23 June  Minutes  Income & Expenditure Report June 2020

20 April virtual meeting Minutes

22 September Minutes   Income & Expenditure Report 

25 May Minutes

24 November Minutes  Income & Expenditure Report  Draft 2021/2022 Budget



Dates for Committee Meetings 2019 - 2020

2019 2020

28th May

28th January

25th June

28th April

24th September

26th May

26th November



Dates for Committee Meetings 2018 - 2019

2018 2019

22nd May

29th January

26th June

23rd April

25th September

28th May

27th November



Meeting Minutes 2017 - 2018

2017 2018