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Full Council Meetings

What we do

The Parish Council is the tier of Local Government closest to the people and it is a non-political body. It is at the 'grass roots' and as such is in the best position to understand and represent the views of the local community.

The Parish Council comprises 14 members, Parish Council meetings are now usually held on the second Tuesday of each month, in the Bersted Jubilee Hall, in order to discuss issues affecting the parish and its residents.  An Open Forum session is always included to allow questions, comments and contributions from the general public.  Please note that any correspondence received by the Clerk, unless stipulated private and confidential, may be disseminated to all serving Parish Councillors and the contents, including the author's name, may be discussed openly in a public meeting.

An Elector’s Meeting is held in March, to which all residents are welcome to attend to hear reports from the Council.

Parish Council elections are held every four years, and were held in May 2019.  Any vacancies that arise between elections are filled either by holding a by-election or by co-option.

There is a Full Council Meeting on the second Tuesday of every month. Members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings. The meetings are held at the Bersted Jubilee Hall, Chalcraft Lane, North Bersted.

Dates for Full Council Meetings 2023 - 2024

16 May 2023 AGM Minutes   Income & Expenditure Internal Audit Report 

Clerks Report

14 November
13 June 12 December
11 July 16 January 2024
8 August 13 February 2024
12 September 12 March 2024
10 October 9 April 2024


Dates for Full Council Meetings 2022 - 2023

2022 2023

14 June Minutes 

  Income & Expenditure report  Clerks report Chairmans Report  Vice Chairmans Report  Deputy Clerks Report    D. Cllr Reports

C. Cllr Report

10 January Minutes Income & Expenditure Report        Community Account      Clerks Report   C. Cllr Greenways report   Cllr Reports    Chairman's Report    Clerks report                                                                                                                                                                                                            

12 July MINUTES  Income & Expenditure Report    Cllr Greenway report  District Councillors report  Chairman's report    V. Chairman's report 

Clerks Report  Deputy Clerks Report  Admin Assistants Report

14 February Minutes  Income & Expenditure report   HSBC Community Acct   C. Cllr Greenway Report   District Councillors Report  Chairmans Report
  Electors Meeting 10 March  Annual Report
9 August  Income & Expenditure 9th August MINUTES Cllr Greenway report Chairman's report V.Chairman's report Clerks Report Deputy Clerks Report Cllr Yeates report Cllr Lury report Cllr Lainchbury report Cllr A v Koolbergen report

14 March Minutes     Income & Expenditure Report  HSBC Acct report

Chairmans Report  D. Cllr Reports 

C. Cllr Report  Clerks Report  Deputy Clerks Report

13 September - cancelled  due to national period of mourning for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II  11 April Minutes  Income & Expenditure Report 22-23 Clerks report  Deputy Clerks Report
 11th October MINUTES Income & Expenditure report Cllr Greenway report Chairman's report V Chairman's report Clerk's report Deputy Clerk's report Admin Assistant's report Cllr A v Koolbergen report Cllr M Lury's report Cllr G Yeates report

16 May AGM

Income & Expenditure Report


8 November MINUTES Chairman's report V Chairman's report Cllr K Greenway report Cllr M Lury report Cllr Lainchbury report Cllr A van Koolbergen report H & S Meeting 10.10.22 Clerks WSALC Meeting 13.10.22 Infrastructure Meeting 13.10.22 Income and Expenditure report Clerks Report, 

Deputy Clerk Report

13 December MINUTES  Income & Expenditure Report  Chairmans Report  Clerks Report  Deputy Clerk Report        C. Cllr Greenway Report  Cllr Reports  Final Budget for 23-24 precept request  

Dates for Full Council Meetings 2021- 2022

2021 2022

8 JUNE  Minutes    Income & Expenditure    HSBC income & Expenditure

11 JANUARY   Council Minutes                                                                           

13 JULY Minutes  Income & Expenditure Chairman's Report County Councillor Report

V. Chairman's report

8 FEBRUARY  Council Minutes  Income & Expenditure Report

C. Cllr Greenway report

10 AUGUST Minutes     Income & Expenditure

8 MARCH  Council Minutes  Income and expenditure report

Reports to Council  Letter to MP's regarding Planning at Arun DC

14 SEPTEMBER Minutes  Income & Expenditure   Chairman's Report    Vice Chairman's Summary

D. Cllr Lury report,  D. Cllr Yeates report,   C. Cllr Greenway report,

Clerk report,    Deputy Clerk report

12 APRIL    Council Minutes  Income & Expenditure Report  HSBC Community Account   C. Cllr Greenway report     Other reports to Council

12 OCTOBER Minutes    Income & Expenditure  - HSBC Income & Expenditure

WSCC Cllr Report  D. Cllr  Reports      Chairman's Report 

V. Chairmans summary  Clerks report   Deputy Clerks report

10 MAY AGM    Council Minutes   Income & Expenditure Report  Insurance & Asset Register    C. Cllr Greenway report   Memo

9 NOVEMBER MINUTES  Income & Expenditure  C. Cllr Greenway Report  D. Cllr Lury Report

Chairmans Summary


14 DECEMBER Minutes  Income & Expenditure   HSBC Income & Expenditure

C Cllr Greenway Report  Chairmans Summary  Clerks report  Deputy Clerks report



Dates for Full Council Committee Meetings 2020- 2021

2020 2021

12 May - No meeting held

12 January - Virtual Meeting Minutes  - Income & Expenditure

9 June Virtual Meeting -  Council Minutes   - Income & Expenditure Report

9 February - Virtual Meeting Minutes  Income & Expenditure report 

14 July Virtual Meeting-  Council Minutes - Income & Expenditure Report   Clerks Report    Deputy Clerks Report

9 March  Virtual Meeting Minutes    Income & Expenditure Report

23 March Annual Electors' Meeting

Annual Electors' Meeting 23 March Minutes

Chairmans Report,   Planning Report,

Finance Report and Community Resources Report

11 August -  Council Minutes Virtual Meeting - Income & Expenditure Report

13 April  Virtual Meeting Minutes                   

 Income & Expenditure Report   

HSBC Income & Expenditure Report  Clerks Report

D. Cllr G Yeates Report   D. Cllr M Lury Report

Virtual Meeting - 8 September - Council Minutes    Income & Expenditure

Virtual Meeting - 29 September extraordinary meeting minutes

4 May AGM Minutes  Chairmans report

Deputy Clerk and D. Cllr Report

13 October Virtual Meeting Minutes   Income & Expenditure  Draft Budget Proposal 2021-2022  Clerks Report - C. Cllr Report


10 November Virtual Meeting Minutes   Income & Expenditure Report    Chairman's report   Clerks report   Deputy Clerks report


8 December Virtual Meeting Minutes     Income & Expenditure Report   Budget and Precept request 2021-2022



Dates for Full Council Committee Meetings 2019 - 2020

2019 2020

14th May - AGM - Income & Expenditure

14th January                                  

11th June

11th February  Reports  Income & Expenditure

9th July

10th March

13h August     Income & Expenditure

14th April - meeting cancelled

10th September  Income & Expenditure   Report  2nd report


8th October


12th NovembeIncome & expenditure


10th December  Income & Expenditure



Dates for Full Council Committee Meetings 2018 - 2019

2018 2019

12th June

15th January                                     Income & Expenditure

10th  July

12th February                                    Income & Expenditure

14th August - Income & Expenditure

12th March                                        Income & Expenditure

11th September - Income & Expenditure

26th March (Electors Meeting)

9th October - Income & Expenditure 

9th April            Reports                     Income & Expenditure

13th November - Income & Expenditure


11th December  Income & Expenditure  Budget Precept 2019/20 D.Cllr Mrs Bence - report



Full Council Meeting Minutes 2017 - 2018

2017 2018

May (AGM)







Income and Expenditure Report


Outside Bodies Reports


Cllr Reports  





Income & Expenditure