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Report It



Abandoned Vehicles

Report it and get it removed


The drains at the sides of the roads are the County Council’s responsibility to maintain. Although the drains are periodically cleaned, they can still become blocked or covered with leaves and cause flooding on the road. Link to West Sussex County Council.


Report it and get it removed


Report it and get it removed

House Name Change

 Change your house name, There is a charge of £55.00 (no VAT) for adding a name to your property.

Missed Bins

Overflowing Dog & Litter bins

Missed bin collections

If litter or dog bins are not being emptied contact Arun DC - Rubbish & Recycling - Clean Streets

Moving into the area - register for Council Tax

 Let us know as soon as you are able

Trees, hedges, weeds or grass     Link to WSCC

Planning Complaint

 Report an alleged breach of planning control

 Report a problem with a road or pavement


 Link to West Sussex County Council

Register a birth, death or marriage

 Link to West Sussex County Council

Street Lights

 Link to West Sussex County Council

Check a vehicle is taxed

 Link to GOV.uk pages

Drug Litter or call

01903 737754

Arun District Council - report finding of drug litterincluding needles and other paraphernalia

Noise Nuisance or call

If you want to urgently report about noise happening after 5:15pm, call our out of hours service:

01903 737500 

Arun District Council - report nuisance such as loud music, barking dogs, shouting, banging, alarms, DIY activity
Street Communities

raise awareness of street homeless rough sleepers



or call 0808 141 2800 (24hour answerphone)

Anti social behaviour and repeated nuisance activity - Arun District Council
Crime Stoppers

To report crime anonymously



Arun District Council - report concerns about licence premises or people


Community Safety

Arun District Council - reports of widespread community based nuisnance will be recorded and shared with partners